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"btrfs-snapshot" and "snapper".
08-13-2018, 07:55 AM
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"btrfs-snapshot" and "snapper".
After comparing Kubuntu 18.04 and Neptune 5, settled on Neptune 5, as debian based OSs are much snappier & quick to respond.
Running Neptune 5.4 on btrfs. I am new to btrfs, hence the questions.
1)What is difference between 'btrfs-snapshot' (script present by default in neptune) and 'snapper' (not yet installed)?
2)Is it needed to install 'snapper' before running the neptune script 'btrfs-snapshot'?
3)Are both ('btrfs-snapshot' and 'snapper') different and can be run independently or only one should be used?
4)If a newbie wants only one, which one he should use?
5)What are the advantages and disadvantages of using both?
6)Can boot entries created by 'btrfs-snapshot' be removed later? Will it be on auto or one has to remove using command line?

Thanks for the great distro.

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08-14-2018, 01:45 PM
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RE: "btrfs-snapshot" and "snapper".
Snapper is something for regulary snapshotting your filesystem.

Our sh script just creates a btrfs snapshot meant to be used for saving a btrfs state that you want to boot later.
So it is meant to be run manually if you don't want to do regular snapshots. Like when you want to try out a new driver or upgrading your system with experimental packages and want to keep a clean bootable and working snapshot.
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