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Deinstalling web browsers - Sergeant_Pepper's_Lonely_Hear - 12-28-2018 08:44 PM

I tried to remove two web browsers using #apt-get remove.
NetSurf Web Browser and Chromium.

Removing Netsurf completely failed. It is still on the K->Internet list in Plasma of application and still starts. It still lives at
$ which netsurf
Is there another way to get rid of it other than #rm /usr/bin/netsurf ?

Chromium is gone. However there still is a list of "Chromium Web Browser" on the K->internet list in Plasma. If I click on it, a KDE Plasma dialog box pops up saying,
Could not find the program 'chromium'
Is there a way to remove it from the K->Internet list ?

Yes, I rebooted from the power-down state.

Do you know of a browser which does not save URLs between sessions? I know qupzilla v1.8.9 does not save URLs, but it
suddenly stopped working with the website for which I had originally used it.

RE: Deinstalling web browsers - leszek - 12-29-2018 11:46 AM

Quote:Do you know of a browser which does not save URLs between sessions?
The incognito or private mode of common browsers. Also usually you can set browsers to remove their history on closing down.
Chromium links can be hidden or removed from the menu by right clicking the menu icon and editing the menu.

As for Netsurf. Did you install it via apt? Then it should be removable via apt.