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Road to Neptune 4.0: Encode 3.0

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Another cool application for Neptune 4.0 will be a revamped version of Encode 3.0 written with the power of QML and Qt4.

Road to Neptune 4.0: Recffmpeg 1.8.5

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One of the cool new features in Neptune 4.0 will be a new revamped version of recffmpeg. Version 1.8.5 offers a few nice features presented in the following video.

Neptune: Pulseaudio support fixed

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Neptune users who are using pulseaudio may have noticed a sound volume issue with event sounds that weren’t controllable with kmix. This was fixed with the latest updates that you can get from our Neptune KDE Repo. Eventsounds now use the default pulseaudio mixer. The volume can be controlled by playing back an event sound and either using kmix or pavucontrol to set the right volume.

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