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emacs ?
12-25-2018, 06:30 PM (This post was last modified: 12-25-2018 08:14 PM by Sergeant_Pepper's_Lonely_Hear.)
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RE: emacs ?
Dec. 25, 2018

Well, Leszek, I found Muon Package Manager in the Neptune 5.3 K-menu.
That is a start! I had never run this application before now.

Next I will google "how to check the reverse dependency in muon for a package"

I know what "reverse dependency" ("dependency" too) is because I am a C/C++ developer. I just don't know how muon works. Hopefully a tutorial will change my situation quickly.

I also found a website on the subject of "How to NOT break Debian Stable" which would have been very helpful to me as a new user of debian stable. Over the years, I came to some of the same conclusions myself by
  1. learning and sticking to the APT and dpkg tools (except for when I needed the live DVD to run fsck on my hard drive because something went awry with the journaling filesystem)
  2. installing executable code from downloaded tarballs only as user, NOT as superuser.

Merry Christmas!
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