Neptune is a ZevenOS Distro(Difference between ZevenOS & Neptune) based fully upon Debian Wheezy, except for a newer kernel and some drivers.
In this Version we aimed for creating a fast running Live System for USB Sticks. Therefore we developed an easy to use USB Installer aswell as a Persistent Creator that allows you to store changes to your system on your usb stick.
The Debian software repositories are updating the included software regulary so that you will have a long supported distro.

This Version carries on the codename and philosophy of “NextGeneration” by providing a modern KDE 4 based Desktop with tons of Multimedia Software aswell as a brand new polished design. As this version was also designed for computer science students it also includes the Development Platform Eclipse and some network diagnostic tools(Wireshark,Kismet,Aircrack-NG).

Technical Data:
Kernel: 3.10.12 ( +lots of drives added)
Xorg: 7.7
KDE: 4.11.2 (with customized Theme and settings)
Packagelist (Full)

AD 1(MP4)
AD 2(MP4)
AD 3 (Its coming… ) (MP4)
AD 4 (Snapshot Manager) (MP4)
AD Neptune 2.0 (MP4)
AD Neptune 2.5 (Youtube)
AD 18: This is Neptune (Youtube)
AD 20: This is Neptune for creative people (Youtube)
AD 19: Neptune 3.0 (Youtube)
AD 21: Neptune 3.1 (Youtube)
AD 22a: Neptune 3.2 (Youtube)


If you want to help ZevenOS & Neptune to continue its development please make a Donation.

Neptune 3.3 (October 2013)
Systemrequirements: 1 Ghz Intel/AMD 64Bit CPU, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB HDD
Kernel 3.10.12

KDE SC 4.11.2
ISO Size: ~ 1.8 GiB

MD5 Sum: b19381d5f40b5afa2ba29a8eb10dc233

Primary Server

(very fast) (ZSync File)

Bittorrent Sync Hash: RFZJBAREO23MYXSPL5E27AYJ6NJ5LR67Z

Neptune on hostingxtreme (Sponsored by HostingXtreme, web hosting provider)

Download (Secondary Server) (Still 2.0)

Download (Primary Torrent) (Still 3.1)

Neptune 2.5.5 Service Release (32-Bit; including lowmemory desktop;md5sum: 3774e8e504e0dc217da82a7757937010)

USB Install Guide

Download USB EasyInstaller for Windows or Linux. Fire up the application (make sure to make it executable in linux before trying to execute it) and choose the ISO as Input. Insert your usb stick and make sure its formatted in FAT32 and has at least 2GB of free space. Just click Ok then and wait until the copy operation finishes. Congratulations you have a working live usb stick with Neptune.
To enable persistency (which allows you to save settings you make on your live system) boot up the live system and open up the Persistent Creator from the startmenu. In Persistent Creator set the size you want to occupie for the persistent data. Click ok and wait until you will get a notice which reminds you to restart first before you can use persistency.


Full featured Desktop

(Full Edition) Experience the full featured KDE SC 4.10 desktop with lots of animations and useful applications. It includes the Netbookshell optimized for small sized screens.

Experience the web

Neptune includes Chromium (Full Edition) – the fastest and best webexperience including Adobe Flash and full HTML5 support. Iceweasel 10 (Minimal Edition) based upon Firefox technology brings lots of customizations and full blown webexperience.

Manage your Music

Amarok for music management – Listen to local and online music. Import or Export music to your mobile audio-player. Subscribe to your favorite Podcast. Out of the box mp3 support.
Watch Preview

Photoalbum management

Manage your photos with Gwenview – Import or Export photos to your webalbum. Sort and present your photos to your friends. Crop and edit them very easily.
Watch Preview

Make, play and edit videos

Watch all your favorite videos with VLC. Create and edit videos with various effects in many formats(including h264 & webm) with KDEnlive.
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Play fascinating games like Hedegwars or browse through tons of available free and open source games.
Enjoy commercial games via Steam available from the repositories.

Wireless and Wired Security

Encrypt your personal files and folder with Truecrypt. Analyse and take a look into networks with Wireshark & Aircrack-NG.