Differences between ZevenOS & Neptune (In Short (SVG, use cursor keys to navigate)

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ZEVENOS 6.0  (stable version from December 2014)

for x86 compatible PCs
(very fast)

md5: 3a4f4b5719b2bc4586cbf2898e4840cc

ZevenOS on Hostingxtreme.com (Sponsored by HostingXtreme, web hosting provider)
Famous Software Download (still ZevenOS 3.0)

Neptune (Debian based)

for x86 compatible PCs
more information

Systemrequirements: Intel compatible CPU
at least 600 Mhz
256 MB RAM for KDE 4 (90 MB for Lowmemory)
5 GB free disk space (2 GB USB Stick)

Download location

If someone wants to host ZevenOS on his FTP-Server please contact us by E-Mail

Get ZevenOS on CD now LinuxCD.org

Goals (German):PDF

Zebuntu Remaster Howto (old)(German) PDF

ZevenOS Lifecycle (German): JPG

ZevenOS Target audience (German): ODT

Magi-kit Documentation PDF

Remaster-Kit Documentation PDF

ZevenOS Hotkeys List PDF

Ubuntu Switcher Video Channel

MAGI 2 Launchpad (bzr)

Encode Launchpad (bzr)

YAVTD Launchpad (bzr)