Couples who have been together for some time often find it difficult to integrate romance into their everyday lives. The relationship is taken for granted and what once brought them together, fades more and more into the background. To a certain extent this is completely natural, but every now and then it is important to take time for some hours together during which you can feel more emotions of love again. This is exactly what date nights are for, you find a great idea and spend the evening or the afternoon together, just the two of you.

But which activities are suitable for a date night? Often it fails because you can’t come up with exciting ideas. For this reason was developed, a website that suggests the most suitable date ideas for every couple. With the help of different filters, you can adjust your ideas and limit the results. First, you choose the category of the date ideas, depending on whether you want to do something romantic, adventurous, funny, creative or maybe even sporty. Next, you can choose whether the date takes place during the day or at night. If it rains, you can use the location filter to display only date ideas that can be experienced in a building. Last but not least it is even possible to define how much you want to spend on the date. This is very helpful because you don’t want to spend as much on a first date as couples spend on valentines or anniversary day.

Of course, the date ideas are not only for couples, but they are also great for singles who have just started dating and are getting to know each other. Especially fun first date ideas are very helpful to have a nice and unforgettable time right from the start. With partners who have creative ideas, you always like to go on a date.