The ZevenOS Team and the ZevenOS Community is proud to announce the first results of the project neptune developed by the community.

Project Neptune is a ZevenOS distro based fully upon Debian Lenny, except for a newer kernel und drivers. In months of work we developed a very fast and stable system runnable on low end and netbook aswell as on high end machines. The Debian software repositories are updating the included stable software regulary so that you will have a long supported distro.

As I wrote before the ZevenOS community was very active and helpfull in the development of this release. Thanks to all helpers 😉

Technichal Info:

Kernel : 2.6.31-generic (from Kanotix)

Xserver-xorg : 7.3

XFCE : 4.4.2

The Kanotix Kernel 2.6.31-generic is a very new Kernel with modern hardware support. The rest of the software is almost 100% pure Debian stable, except for the ZevenOS  Tools, like MAGI , MAGI 2, Deskbar , Encode , YAVTD.

As the development process took place in the german speaking audience of the community, almost every system app is localized in the german language. This includes the LiveCD Installer that was designed especially for ZevenOS Project Neptune.

If you want to test the ZevenOS Project Neptune in the english localization you have to delete the

locale=de_DE.UTF-8 keyb=de

line in the first bootoptions of the livecd boot menu.

Download ZevenOS Projekt Neptune (wuala)

Presentation video ZevenOS Projekt Neptune (Youtube: Part 1 ,  Part 2)