Press release (PDF)

The ZevenOS Team is pleased to announce ZevenOS-Neptune 2.0.
This is the first version we ship in two editions: Minimal Edition (with LXDE) and Full Edition (with KDE SC)
Both ship with an updated and optimized Kernel 3.0.4. Minimal Edition includes PCManFM 0.9.8, DeaDBeef 0.5.1, Gnome-Mplayer 1.0.4 (with Mplayer2), Abiword 2.8.6, Iceweasel 7 (alias Firefox w/o branding) & Iceweasel 5 (alias Thunderbird w/o branding).
Full Edition includes KDE Plasma Workspace 4.7.1, Chromium 14, Iceweasel 5, VLC 1.1.11, Amarok 2.4.3, LibreOffice 3.4.3 and many more.

Both Editions are suitable for media playback and ship with a full set of codecs aswell as the flashplayer (version 11).
In addition to the Full Edition includes also media creation and editing software like Audacity & KDEnlive. Furthermore we provide our own tools like the multimedia encoder Encode which allows converting of audio and video files in many known formats.
ZevenOS-Hardwaremanager is capable of installing proprietary graphicsdrivers like ATI and NVIDIA. It also is capable of installing special printer drivers.
For the use as live usb stick ZevenOS-Neptune 2.0 provides a persistent creator aswell as a snapshot-manager wich allows you to create configuration snapshots which can be shared among live usb stick users.
Some snapshots are already available which provide your live usb stick with an alternative desktop environment like XFCE 4.8 or Gnome 3. But also window managers like awesome and e17 are available for testing. If you want to build your own distribution on top of ZevenOS-Neptune we provide you remaster-kit which is a script that will help you creating
your own live system and modifying it. New is the option to merge existing snapshots in your remaster-kit working directory.

You can get more information and the download from :

Known Issues: KDEinit4/KMix may crash on first sound output of KDE in Live session. Just ignore the error.
Please don’t force upgrade on holded packages (i.e. python, hplip & co)