The next generation ZevenOS-Neptune 1.9 is ready for testing as Release Candidate 1.

This version is based upon Debian Squeeze and ships with the KDE SC 4 Desktop. Just like every ZevenOS Release this release comes fully packed with software. Appls like K3b, Smplayer, Audacity, Kdenlive, Chromium-Browser and Developmentapps like Eclipse aswell as Networkanalysis with Aircrack, Kismet and Wireshark are part of the default apps we ship. is the default Office Application.

Download :

The main theme of this version stands under the topic USB Live System. We ship an EasyUSB Installer that allows you to easily create your usb live stick from iso. Persistent-Creator creates a persistent image that allows you to store configurations and applications easily on your live usb stick.


KDE 4 Standard Desktop

Lowmemory Desktop (based on fluxbox)

Be aware that this is a development version. The default language is set to german. You can set it to english aswell if you wish.