The ZevenOS-Neptune Team is pleased to announce the release of ZevenOS-Neptune 1.9.9.
This release comes with a couple of changes and new features. See the changelog for a full changelog.
We updated the Kernel to version which comes with neat little features like better hardware support for wireless and the famous cgroups patch which brings more speed under heavy load. The underlying Debian Squeeze system was upgraded to Debian Testing (alias Wheezy) which will provide newer applications through the lifecycle of Neptune 1.9.9.
KDE SC 4.6.2 makes it debut in ZevenOS-Neptune 1.9.9 with lots of updates and the typical Neptune look & feel and a new default font, the Ubuntu Font.
For the sake of consistency we replaced Synaptic & Software Center with its KDE/QT based counterparts Muon & Kpackagekit.
Libreoffice replaces and the contact management software people was upgraded to version 0.3 which brings better vcard support and a new layout.
With Snapshot Manager we introduce a new cool feature which allows you to easily customize your live system and save the customization to a file that you can share with your friends & colleagues.
The Harddisk Installer has been rewritten and allows you to install ZevenOS-Neptune 1.9.9 faster than ever.

Feature Overview:

ZevenOS-Neptune 1.9.9 is based upon Debian Testing (Wheezy) and gets constant updates via it. We also provide updates on our own repository for stable and unstable software so you will get constant software updates when necessary.
Kernel is the heart of ZevenOS-Neptune 1.9.9. It provides the newest linux drivers and the cgroup scheduling patch which gives you more performance on heavy load.
ZevenOS-Neptune 1.9.9 ships with KDE SC 4.6.2. The Ubuntu Font is now the default font for all applications. KPackagekit & Muon provide packagemanagement and easy installation of applications.

LibreOffice is the new default all in one office application. It can read & write OpenDocument Format aswell as Word, Excel & Powerpoint documents. It even handles importing & exporting PDF files.
Snapshot Manager provides you with an easy to use customization utility for your live media. It allows you to install already existing snapshots or creating your own ones. Snapshots store customized live system configuration & apps in a read only compressed file.

ZevenOS-Neptune 1.9.9 ships with a new hard disk installer that allows you to install the system with a few clicks directly from your live media. It also allows you to install customized (e.g. with snapshot) versions of the live media.

For the Download see the ZevenOS-Neptune page