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We are proud to announce the release of ZevenOS-Neptune 1.9.1

This ist the first minor release to ZevenOS-Neptune 1.9 which brings a updated Kernel ( and a upgraded KDE SC (4.5) aswell as VLC 1.1.5. The base debian system was updated with security and bugfixes aswell as our own applications such as zevenoshardwaremanager and neptune-installer. We are also proud to see that our effort in creating a good remastering tool, remaster-kit, has result into the first inoffical ZevenOS-Neptune 1.9.1 release based on the Gnome desktop.

The new Features:

Full featured Desktop improved

Experience the newest full featured KDE SC 4.5 desktop with lots of animations and useful applications. It includes the Netbookshell optimized for small sized screens.

Experience the web even faster

Neptune includes the newest Chromium – the fastest and best webexperience including the newest Adobe Flash and full HTML5 support.

Make, play and edit videos (Updated)

Watch all your favorite videos with the newly added VLC. Create and edit videos with various effects in many formats(including h264 & webm) with the newest version of KDEnlive.

Watch Preview


  • Updated Kernel to
  • Updated KDE to 4.5.3
  • Updated Chromium to 8.0.552.215
  • Updated Software-Center
  • Updated Base Debian Squeeze System (state: 5.12.2010)
  • Updated Zevenoshardwaremanager to support newest nvidia and fglrx package changes in Debian Squeeze plus support for adding nomodeset automatically to grub or syslinux
  • Replaced SMPlayer with VLC 1.1.5
  • Added daisy plasmoid for OS X like dock
  • Added smoothtask plasmoid for Win7 like taskbar
  • Fixed Neptune-Installer

Download (Now available)

Our remaster-kit efforts in creating a splendid remastering tool have lead to the point that we are now proud to show off the first community created inoffical gnome based ZevenOS-Neptune release.

Full featured Desktop based on Gnome

Experience the full featured Gnome 2.30 desktop with a nice and professional look. It includes the Elementary Icon and GTK Theme aswell as a patched Nautilus-Elementary.

Experience the web with Webkit

Experience the default Gnome Webbrowser Epiphany based upon the webkit engine with Adblock support flash and java plugins.

Full Multimedia support with VLC

Playing any playable media can be done with VLC 1.1.5. Managing audio and video can be done with Banshee 1.8.0. Videoediting is possible with OpenShot. For image management F-Spot 0.8 is included.

Inoffical ZevenOS-Neptune 1.9.1 Gnome : Download (Now available)

Notice: The english boot entry misses the boot parameter


. Please re-enter it before booting the live system. (In the bootmenu navigate with the arrow keys down to the english boot entry press TAB then you will see the boot commands add the command live-config and press enter)