Update:Deskbar 2 is now also available via the repository as requested.

ZevenOS used the deskbar for ages to create a slick and nice looking tasklist and mainmenu panel. With the current struggle in development on ZevenOS (btw. thanks for all your support it was really helpful and motivated me to start working on ZevenOS 5.0 again) I decided to give the deskbar mode in the xfce4-panel a go and I really have to say I am impressed. It works almost flawlessly. There are still some glitches like not being able to setup the panel to move under windows (so not behave like a panel but more like the deskbar used to) and some confusing configuration settings but the xfce4-panel brings in the advantage of plugins and you can configure a lot with them.
So I decided for the 5.0 release of ZevenOS to simply ship the xfce4-panel. Currently I am not sure if I would stop development of the deskbar completely or if we implement a tasklist on our own (the one we used before wnck needs dirty patching and does not seem to work as good as it was before). This will also depend on how many contributors are interested in either creating special xfce4-panel plugins for ZevenOS (like a good quicklaunch plugin, the current one is not very advanced) or working on the deskbar.

You can get the current beta from here: D O W N L O A D (MD5: 4a9f773f881ff47f6cfd59cb53977b50)

Known Issues:

  • ISOLinux Bootmenu still shows Xubuntu Artwork