The ZevenOS Team is proud to announce the release of ZevenOS 4.0.

This version is based on Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) and has a bunch of new features and changes.
The base system was updated to Kernel 3.0 which brings a bunch of new drivers aswell as an improved implementation of the ext4 filesystem. Also the experimental btrfs filesystem is now supported.

Besides that ZevenOS 4.0 also has a lot of new stuff in the Desktop area.
The underlying XFCE desktop was updated to version 4.8 which adds network support for FTP/Samba/SSH/NFS to the default filemanager Thunar.
So you no longer need to use gigolo to browse your network. Also new a rewritten thumbnailing system for the filemanager which is faster and more efficient.
Videoediting never made easier with OpenShot 1.4. OpenShot offers many new audio & video effects and exciting 3D effects. Also new is the reworked user interface which now looks even more professional.
Besides those improvements ZevenOS 4.0 also brings new default installed software for various tasks. The biggest changes are in the multimedia sector. Gnome-Mplayer is now the default videoplayer which is faster than Parole and offers more features just like subtitle support and switching between different audio streams.
To manage music we included the newest Deadbeef release. It allows you to manage music, play it back and even has a build in equalizer with foobar2k support aswell as a plugin interface.
When it comes to images and storing them Shotwell is our first choice. It offers a great user interface and easy image editing features. Docky is still available as dock utility which offers to quickly launch applications. Docky requires Compositing features which means we also developed an easy compositing manager which allows you to turn compositing on. Docky offers Drag’n Drop support aswell as theming support.
Firefox still is the default browser for surfing the net and Claws-Mail is still our default mail client. Abiword and Gnumeric take care of the office business you might have.If you don’t like our software choices you have the option to install your favorite tool or search for a new tool in the new Software-Center.
ZevenOS 4.0 comes with the good known Haiku-like Design with an completely updated Icon-Theme and GTK3+ theme. The desktop is based upon the newest XFCE 4.8 aswell as the windowmanager Sawfish which comes in the newest version 1.8.2.
Installing & Upgrading your already available Ubuntu system can be done by installing zevenos-desktop from our repository.
deb ./

Video Preview
Differences between ZevenOS & ZevenOS-Neptune (In Short (SVG, use cursor keys to navigate)
How to install ZevenOS 4.0 ontop of Ubuntu 11.10 (Video OGV)


ZevenOS still is the best linux distro with a touch of BeOS.
ZevenOS 4.0 is avaiable as Torrent or HTTP Mirror on the Downloadpage.
You can get more information on our Aboutpage.


Known Issues:

ISOLinux Bootmenu not translated
Deskbar Bookmarkmenus only accessable after first launch of webbrowser
People only saves to partitions with extended attributes enabled. Use Export to Vcard instead if you don’t want or have a partition type that supports extended attributes.