We are proud to announce the release of ZevenOS 2.0
ZevenOS 2.0 is based upon Ubuntu karmic koala (9.10). It brings big changes like a completely new audio subsystem (pulseaudio) and the switch from HAL to Device-Kit, Magi-Kit a standard application management layer,  Remaster-Kit for easy iso remastering, Encode & SUPER Encode an all in all multimedia converting app, MAGI 2 an application launcher/installer and configuration center. The typical BeOS like look has been improved with changes to the Deskbar , Icon Theme and GTK-Theme. Disk-Manager now supports auto-detection of BFS(BeOS) partitions and allows to mount them. People the contact manager got an improved VCard filter. ZevenOS 2.0 has lots of other improvements and still is the best linux distribution with  Beos touch.

ZevenOS 2.0 Release


Chat and E-Mail


Chat with friends and colleagues through Pidgin which integrates Yahoo, GTalk, MSN, Jabber, AIM,Gadu-Gadu, ICQ and many more.

Claws-Mail gives you email, an address book and has support for SSL and IMAP and works well on small display devices like Netbooks and MIDs.

Internet and Network made easy


ZevenOS includes Mozilla Firefox 3.5 for faster and safer browsing. Including HTML5 support for video Tags and Flash Player for commonly used video portals. For filesharing there is gFTP, Transmission and Giver. Those allow you to easily exchange small and big files through the network.vpnc

SMB and NFS shares can be easily accessed via the networking tool gigolo. It also allows you to connect to the internal disk of your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

If you wish to connect to a virtual private network (vpn) ZevenOS 2.0 includes VPNC-Gui which manages you different vpn profiles.

MAGI 2 & Magi-Kit


Magi 2 got lots of improvements in the overall design. Underneath we implemented magi-kit a standard application layer which allows you to set global standard apps which are used by all ZevenOS programs then. Changing the standard browser or e-mail application so is as easy as pie. It also includes an graphical installer(magi-kit-install) which uses synaptic to install packages via the apt-get system of Ubuntu. Installing 3rd party apps like Skype or Opera is only a click away.



Plug in your PSP, iPod, MP3 player and use Rhythmbox to download, store, buy and play music.

Share playlists with your friends. Access Last.fm directly through Rhythmbox to stream your favourite music. Stream and play video from YouTube, BBC and others.

Upload photos and images from your camera or phone to Gthumb. Manage, tag, share and sort your photos. Create Web-Albums and upload them to the internet.

Create VideoDVDs or CDs with Encode. Transcode your favorite movie to store it on your mobile media device. Encode now allows you to even choose more audio and video codecs and extract the audio part from a video. Saving files with a different name and to a custom folder is now supported as well.

Create and edit Podcasts with Audacity. It allows you to use many different effects and filters to create the best audio experience. Avidemux is the Video equivalent for Audacity. It allows you to cut and edit videos, add effects and save them in many different formats.

Screencasts can be recorded with gtk-RecordMyDesktop. Videofiles from online videoportal sites can be easily extracted and saved with YAVTD. The new version supports lots of new video sites, like golem.de, dailymotion, spiegel.de, vimeo.com, clipfish.de and sevenload.com .

Burning AudioCDs, VideoCDs/DVDs or DataCD/DVDs can be accomplished by using Brasero. It includes a CoverEditor to create a custom made cover for your CD/DVD.

Professional image editing is possible with The Gimp.



Create professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations with Abiword and Gnumeric.

Both are compatible with all office applications including Microsoft Office.

Save your contacts as people VCard files and exchange them with your friends or family.

Manage appointements with Orage save or import them as iCalender or VCalender files.

Remaster ZevenOS

Let your creativity fly and create own custom build of ZevenOS. With Remaster-Kit it never was easier to remaster a LiveCD.  Just create your own project and start editing the live system. Remaster-Kit will automatically build and create checksums for your custom build ISO. Try perhaps taking one of the many new themes of ZevenOS 2.0 and build your own custom themed version of ZevenOS. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Additional Software

Instant access to thousands of free and open-source applications with the Ubuntu Softwarerepositories.

Categories include Education, Games, Sound and Video, Graphics, Programming and Office.

Simply select the applications you want to use and Synaptic will add them to your computer.


There are a lot of under the hood changes in ZevenOS. The switch to pulseaudio aswell from hal to device-kit might show some regressions with special hardware devices or configurations. Because of the amount of critical changes we don’t support upgrading from ZevenOS 1.x to 2.0 .

Beaware that we now use a static menu system in the deskbar. So newly installed applications can be either accessed by using ZevenOS -> Tools -> more apps or right clicking the desktop and go to the applications submenu. ZevenOS 2.0 also included GRUB 2 as a new bootloader. It is still beta software and might show some unusual behavior.

If you encounter any problem or bug please feel free to visit our IRC Channel #zevenos on freenode.net or our Forum .

Here you can find a small video with a describtion of some of the changes within ZevenOS 2.0