Update: We are currently working on the release of the final version and therefor disabled the RC Download.

We are proud to announce our release candidate of Neptune 3 “Brotkasten” our first 64bit version of Neptune. This release candidate comes with several bugfixes and changes aswell as the new KDE SC 4.10.

As this is a release candidate please consider reporting bugs.

Users of the Beta versions of Neptune 3 can upgrade safely to this new version except for KDE SC 4.10 which is available as a seperate repository. Just update your system and enable the neptune kde repository and upgrade.
You can also manually add the following sources.list
# Neptune 64Bit KDE Sourceslist
deb http://proindi.de/zevenos/neptune/kde-repo/ sid main

    Changes in this beta:

  • KDE SC upgraded to 4.10
  • fixed systemsettings python2 modules (i.e. touchpad configuration)
  • removed pulseaudio as workaround for alsa bug for some soundcards with pulseaudio
  • added german neptune manpage
  • added default desktop icons (i.e. home, software center …)
  • updated mplayer dependencies
  • added option to install experimental proprietary drivers in zevenoshardwaremanager (only if debian experimental is enabled)
  • fixed snapshot-manager to disable install button if no snapshot is available
    • You can get the current version from here:

      Please be patient

      md5 sum: 68a58bbbf516158da6267d31bc0d9f9a

        Known issues:

      • None (some kde packages are still at rc version and might cause problems)