Neptune 3.0 will ship a completely new feature that might be helpful for some of you.
Do you ever wanted to have a stable, save and reliable basic system that just works ?
Do you ever dreamed of a live Neptune system that you could install on a normal harddrive ?
Now you don’t have to dream anymore. Neptune 3.0 introduces ‘Nested Installation’ which allows you to perform an installation as a live system on your harddisk. This installation just needs a linux partition (like ext4 or jfs) with 2.5 GB of free diskspace. Just like the live usb system you are able to create a persistency file or a persistent partition if you need to save changes. This persistency file can be on your harddrive or your usb stick.
The cool thing about this installation type is that if you mess up any configuration you can always disable persistency and boot a clean working environment to fix all things.

Nested Installation will be introduced with Neptune 3.0 and will only be available as seperate installation method like the advanced installer (just execute neptune-installer-nested as root to get it going)
If you are a beta user and want to already test this. Please upgrade the neptune-installer package.