We are proud to announce our second beta of Neptune 3 “Brotkasten” our first 64bit version of Neptune.
In this release we include a brand new compiled 3.6.9 Linux Kernel aswell as the current development beta 2 of KDE SC 4.10.
As this is a beta version and we are using a beta version of KDE Plasma Desktop please consider reporting bugs either to us or upstream.

Users of the Beta 1 of Neptune 3 can upgrade safely to this new version except for KDE SC 4.10 which isn’t available currently as we intend to provide a seperate repository for it. Just enable the neptune repository and upgrade

# Neptune 64Bit Sourceslist
deb http://proindi.de/zevenos/neptune/repo/ sid main

    Changes in this beta:

  • new Kernel 3.6.9
  • KDE SC upgraded to 4.10 beta 2
  • new default font settings
  • removed graphical advanced installer
  • enabled Neptune software repository (excluding KDE SC)
  • newer Muon development version included
  • updated LibreOffice
    • You can get the current version from here:

      Download (~1.8 GiB)

      md5 sum: 0e95b18a48b7958be3ec1a82b5c52426

        Known issues:

      • An internal not available /kde-repo is still active in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/neptune64.list