The Neptune team is proud to announce the release of Neptune 3.2 (Codename “Brotkasten on Speed”).
We worked hard and spend a lot of effort in creating this service release for Neptune 3.0. So if you like it please consider donating to us a small amount of money so we can further develop and strenghtens our efforts.
You can donate via paypal:

This release features the linux kernel 3.10.5 and is exclusively meant to run on 64bit CPUs. The Debian base system was updated to the released version 7.1 wheezy to provide a stable user experience. The KDE Plasma Desktop ships with version 4.10.5. Chromium was updated to version 28, Icedove 17 and LibreOffice to version We ship with the latest and greatest multimedia codecs preinstalled aswell as the flashplayer. For wireless diagnosis we ship Wireshark, Aircrack-ng and kismon.

We took a lot effort in adding some new applications and fixing of bugs aswell as speeding up the system.
We now include reText as simple markdown editor to write simple letters or homepage articles. We added speed improvement patches for sysctl that improve the speed of Neptune around 20%. We also added and enabled by default kffmpegthumbnailer for nice video thumbnails in the filemanager. We readded yavtd as video downloader for many videoportals like youtube. For the first time we also use zram by default which creates a compressed swap file in memory making it unnecessary to create a swap partition or swapfile.


Default Desktop

Upgrade notice:
To upgrade Neptune 3.1 to 3.2 just perform an normal system update. This will upgrade the system except for the KDE Plasma Workspace. To Upgrade KDE please enable the Neptune KDE Repository. The same goes for LibreOffice 4.1 which can be obtained from the LibreOffice softwaresources we include but disabled by default (Notice: After the installation of LibreOffice 4.1 you can remove the 4.0 version to save some space)
Adding new applications like reText or yavtd needs to be done manually. If you want to enable the new speed patches install the neptune-sysctl-config package alongside with neptune-zram-config and preload.


The changes in an overview:

  • New kernel 3.10.5
  • KDE SC 4.10.5 with customized notification center
  • updated Debian base to 7.1 Wheezy
  • Added reText
  • Added yavtd
  • Added kffmpegthumbnailer
  • Added preload
  • Added new nvidia and fglrx drivers compatible with kernel 3.10
  • Updated LibreOffice to version
  • Updated Icedove to version 17
  • Updated Chromium to version 28
  • Updated VLC to version 2.0.8
  • Updated Ardour to version 3.3
  • Updated phonon-backend-vlc to version 0.6.2
  • Updated plasma-widget-networkmanagement to version
  • Replaced ntpdate with rdate to workaround kcm dateandtime bug
  • Fixed timezone setting in kcm dateandtime (we are the only debian based distro who fixed that)
  • Added manpage and bash completion to remaster-kit
  • Fixed installer to be run as normal user to show all nice graphics
  • Added xdg-user-dirs-gtk to update user folder names when localization change appears
  • Added newest e17 0.17.3 with video thumbnail loading patch