The Neptune team is proud to announce the release of Neptune 2.5.
This release comes with Kernel 3.3.4 with lots of patches and drivers. As usual and for the last time we ship two official variants: 1. Full Edition with KDE 4.8.3 and 2. our Minimal Edition with LXDE and E17.
The Full Edition comes with Chromium 18, Icedove 10, Gimp 2.8, KDEnlive 0.9.2, Amarok 2.6, VLC 2.0.1 and many more updates. We ship with the latest and greates multimedia codecs preinstalled aswell as the flashplayer. For wireless diagnosis we ship Wireshark, Aircrack-ng and kismon. We added RAID support to our default system aswell as LVM support in the advanced installer. We added templates for the panel Layout in KDE.
For our Minimal Edition we added E17 as lowmemory alternative to LXDE and ship Iceweasel 10 ESR, Icedove 10, Gnome-Mplayer 1.0.6, Deadbeef 0.5.1 and pcmanfm 0.9.10.
Both editions now come with a adjusted GTK3 Theme for running GTK3 applications.

Neptune 2.5 Release Ad (Youtube)
Meet Neptune 2.5 Minimal Edition (Youtube)


KDE Desktop

LXDE Desktop

E17 Desktop


  • Updated Installer to provide format button (You don’t have to use gparted anymore to format an existing linux root partition)
  • Updated advanced installer to provide the ability to install and create a lvm partitioning layout
  • Added RAID support in Full Edition
  • Added Panel layouts to Full Edition (Gnome 2, KDE 3, Macstyle, Unity, Unkool7)
  • Added ‘showmyip’ script to neptune-scripts
  • Added default colors for root (red) and user (green) in Terminal
  • Added pulseaudio as default sound server in Full Edition
  • Fixed zevenoshardwaremanager code to use qapt-batch in Full Edition
  • Fixed dolphin action menu entry ‘Open as root’ to open dolphin as root again
  • Updated FGLRX driver to support kernel 3.3
  • Updated Kernel to 3.3.4
  • Updated KDE SC to 4.8.3
  • Updated E17 to 0.16.999.70442
  • Updated KDEnlive to 0.9.2
  • Updated Gimp to 2.8
  • Updated Chromium to 18.0.1025.168
  • Updated Icedove to 10.0.4
  • Updated Iceweasel to 10.0.4esr
  • Updated Python to 2.7
  • Updated VLC to 2.0.1
  • Updated Muon to 1.3.1 with Muon Update Notifier enabled by default
  • Updated Amarok to 2.6 Beta (2.5.90)
  • Updated LibreOffice to 3.4.6
  • Updated Audacity to 2.0.0
  • Updated plymouth theme
  • Updated kde qtcurve theme
  • Updated kde color scheme
  • Updated remaster-kit to use xz as default compression
  • Updated remaster-kit to correctly clean bash history
  • Updated kcm-grub2 to 1.3.0
  • Updated plasma-widget-networkmanagement to