We are happy to announce the beta version of Neptune 2.5 a.k.a. “Fluid”.
This version brings kernel 3.3.4 and KDE SC 4.8.3 aswell as updated applications just like the brand new Gimp 2.8, KDEnlive 0.9 and VLC 2.0.1 . We also ship a 64bit kernel alongside to our 32bit core system for both our Full Edition (with KDE) and our Minimal Edition (with LXDE).
We added RAID support to our default system aswell as LVM support in the advanced installer.
For our Full Edition we added templates for the panel Layout in KDE. Both editions now come with a adjusted GTK3 Theme for running GTK3 applications.

We advice advanced users to test this beta to extinguish bugs and provide a solid, polished and very stable final release.

NOTICE: For proprietary ATI/FGLRX users, please do not perform a dist-upgrade, as it will bring in Xserver 1.12 which is currently not supported by the proprietary drivers. The 64bit kernel currently does not support compiling proprietary 32bit drivers.

Full Edition Beta (1.4 GiB)

MD5Sum: 3bd6d12b1cca620863ed0ac1d51e8d34

Minimal Edition Beta 5 (698 MiB)

MD5Sum: 39b5a6ad9f42798edbfffc3811a7bc56

UPDATE: Updated Minimal Edition to Beta 5 & Full Edition to Beta 2. Those come without the 64Bit Kernel preinstalled which caused problems. Newly added to the Minimal Edition was e17 as lowmemory alternative to lxde. Just type in lowmemory at the end of the bootprompt to boot in e17.