MAGI 2 is a application that lets you easily launch programs and edit your system configuration.

It has an easy categorized view presenting the different programs installed on your system. Besides that it allows you to easily configure your system. With only 2 clicks you have access to the different system settings tools like network configuration, user accounts and printer setup.As the main tools for beginners we also included a shutdown and reboot button that let you easily shutdown or reboot your system.

MAGI 2 also includes our “Swipe” Technology that allows user to start their alternate programs in the launcher. The Swipe Technology is based on the mices with a scrollwheel. If you want to start an alternate program you simply hold your mouse over the apps icon and start to scroll.

MAGI 2 includes MeCoI (Mensch Computer Interaktion = Human Computer Interaction). It is a intelligent search assistant that lets you perform searches semantically and more naturally. One example: Type in :

” I want to hear music ” and it shows you your music player.

We optimized MAGI 2 for smaller displays so you can also use it on the modern netbooks like the Asus EeePC .