What is Neptune?

Neptune is a ZevenOS Distro based fully upon Debian Wheezy, except for a newer kernel and some drivers. Its basically a modern version of ZevenOS shipping with a modern KDE 4 Desktop and turning its main point on a system which is flexible and very useful on usb sticks. Neptune tries to get the BeOS message to a next generation of users.
This Version is aimed for creating a fast running Linux Live System for USB Sticks and offering the best out of the box experience for hard drive installations. Therefore we developed easy to use applications like USB Installer aswell as a Persistent Creator that allows you to store changes to your system on your live usb stick. (QuickInstallation Instructions)

Neptunes main focus

Neptunes focuses on providing an elegant out of the box experience for the users. Therefor we ship a nice and simple overall look and feel aswell as a whole bunch of multimedia tools, like codecs, flash player, audio and video player.
Multimedia being one of the core features of Neptune we also ship the greatest free and open source tools for audio and video editing.


Neptunes Structure

Neptune is a GNU/Linux distribution.
Linux is the major core component of every GNU/Linux distribution which allows software to access hardware and communicate with it.
Neptune package and maintains its own version of the linux kernel which tries to be as close as possible to upstream vanilla kernel (the original linux kernel released on kernel.org).

Neptune is based upon the Debian GNU/Linux distribution
We use the Debian packagemanagement and software sources to provide our users with a great bunch of available applications.

Ontop of this we package and maintain the KDE Plasma Desktop aswell as the whole KDE SC which is updated regulary. Updated regulary means we provide our users with a rolling release model which updates the desktop regulary. However we don’t always provide the latest desktop releases which means we don’t ship bleeding edge software packages. We test and store new desktop versions in a seperate software source which is provided by Neptune by default but for the sake of stability disabled by default.

Our main applications we ship also follow the rolling release principle without always shipping bleeding edge software. Therefor we provide our own neptune repository which also contains software developed by us aswell as default configurations and tweaks for the Neptune system.
One major application is the Office Suite LibreOffice which is provided by a seperate repository is updated regulary but for the sake of stability this repository is deactivated by default in Neptune.

Neptune Developers

Neptune is run by a 3 man team.
Every team member is responsible for different parts in the Neptune Structure and Website.

  • Responsible for working, maintaining and supporting the kernel.
  • Developing & maintaining the live tools (USB Creator, Persistent Creator, Snapshot Manager) aswell as
  • Designing the Neptune experience (icon themes, window manager themes, widget themes, plasma themes, logos, artwork, …)
  • Maintaining and managing the Neptune repository
  • Press work (release announcements, blog updates, …)
  • Webmaster (maintaining the main website and forum)
  • Support (via forum, mail, …)