ZevenOS 'Zeta' Logo, stands for the greek numerals value 7, as inofficial BeOS 5 and ZETA (alias BeOS 6) Successor
The Logo
ZevenOS ‘Zeta’ Logo, stands for the greek numeral with the value 7, as inofficial BeOS 5 and ZETA (alias BeOS 6) Successor. The Logo was used by ZETA and is now also used by ZevenOS as we started with the intend to be a successor for the dying ZETA operating system and a new migration plattform.

What is ZevenOS?
ZevenOS is a GNU/Linux Distribution with a focus on a fast and easy to use system with a touch of BeOS. It is intended to work on older laptops and computers with low cpu speed and memory with full multimedia support. Therefore we ship all common multimedia codecs for audio & video aswell as audio & video editing software. It is based on Xubuntu and comes with a BeOS/Haiku like graphical user interface.

ZevenOS Main Features
Since 2001 BeOS is no longer developed. We took some of the main advantages of BeOS and integrated them into our distribution Including:

  • Performance
  • Compatibility and Ability to run on old Hardware
  • Easy to use Interface (oriented at BeOS)

The heart of our system is the Linux Kernel which is a very modern piece of software thats supports dozens of hardware components. So almost every hardware will work right out of the box with our system. Besides that we include a large number of great software products, like Word processing, Spreadsheet management, Multimedia and Development tools like Gambas 2 or Python 2.6.

With MAGI 2 ZevenOS has a very slick and fine tool for starting applications and managing the system. For BeOS users who want to copy their data onto a ZevenOS partition we provide a bfs driver which enables read and write support (without extended attributes)

ZevenOS includes the best known software from the OpenSource and FreeSoftware world and provides an good experience for beginners and advanced users.

Technology logo
ZevenOS is based up on Ubuntu thats based on Debian.
Debian has a conservetive way in including software and especially kernel versions. Therefore we based our system upon the Ubuntu Kernel as it provides a wider and better hardware support.
The kernel version we are using is Kernel 2.6.35 wich is provided by Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat”
On the Desktop we are using the fast and lightweight Sawfish (Window Manager) which provides several themes. The standard theme is a BeOS look a like.
The default filemanager is Thunar which includes thunar-volman for handling Devices like Network Shares or external Hard Drives.
The Office Suite consists of Abiword (for Word Processing) and Gnumeric (Spreadsheet).
For Multimedia Playback we included deadbeef for playback and for Music Management and Parole (Videoplayer) + OpenShot (Video Editor). We also included Encode which allows everyone easily covert video files and create VideoCDs/DVDs.
For Development there are simple editors like vi, mousepad or geany. As full IDE we support Gambas 2.

Intel Pentium or compatible CPU with minimum 500 MHZ
192 MB RAM
3 GB free HD Space
16 MB Graphicscard
Mouse, Keyboard and Monitor
Soundcard & Networkcard (for internet access)
Devices Logo

ZevenOS is following an Ideology. This is based on the Free Software Movement and the OpenSource Movement.
We are absolutely sure that Free and OpenSource Software is the future for the technological market.
With OpenStandards like ODF (OpenDocument Format) we have a universal format for exchanging Documents worldwide without the to fear about incompatible Document-Specs.
Free and OpenSource Software have a lot of advantages for small business and home users.
Home users and businesses are making themselfs more robust and self manageable when using OpenSource and Free Software products. So you can’t be forced to update an existing software if you don’t like the updated version.
If you want to change something in the code of the software to make it more productive in your work you don’t need to pay lots of licensing fees or need to buy new hardware just for optimizing your software and work experience.
This help the nature in not throwing away too much still hardware and not producing too much electric garbage.